MarsEdit 4.1 – Quick and convenient blog editor.

Blogging is a relaxing hobby for some, while, for others, it represents a steady source of income. Regardless of your blog,s role in your life, writing and publishing content using slow, clumsy web interfaces may not be the best solution, especially when a powerful desktop alternative is available.

MarsEdit allows you to do all your writing from a native Mac app, while also offering an impressive amount of helpful features.

Strong feature lineup and support for a wide range of blogging services

MarsEdit can be used to manage blogs being hosted on WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, Movable Type or any other service that supports the MetaWeblog or AtomPub interface.

It is possible to write using HTML, RTF or even Markdown, and the app displays a live preview to show you how the post will look after being published. Moreover, MarsEdit can be integrated with TextMate, WriteRoom, TextWrangler or BBEdit, as well as other text editors that support the ODBEditor suite.

Furthermore, the application allows you to search for content in your iPhoto, Lightroom, Flickr or Aperture libraries, and import images with a single mouse click.

Manage your blog from your desktop and save drafts locally

While you can certainly write blog posts in other editors and format them once you have access to the web service of your choice, this method takes more time and requires quite a bit more work.

With MarsEdit, you can write whenever you want, regardless of the availability of an Internet connection. Your posts are saved as drafts and can be uploaded as soon as you get back online.

Powerful blog editor that has all the right features, but could use a visual update

There is no denying that MarsEdit is a great app for the job it was designed for, but its interface has not changed a great deal for many years. Mind you, it is very easy to manage and has a simple, intuitive layout, but it is starting to show its age.

On the whole, however, MarsEdit is a great tool for any blogger who wants to get their work done more quickly and from any location, as it offers numerous helpful features and allows one to prepare blog posts even when no internet connection is available.


Version 4.1:

  • Media improvements
    • New options for image metadata to preserve, remove, or remove only location-specific GPS data
    • Now supports direct dragging of images from
    • Color profile can now be either preserved or converted to sRGB automatically
    • Performance improvements for users with large numbers of previously uploaded images
    • Preload media manager contents at launch time to avoid performance hit when opening it up
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix a bug that caused some CMYK profile images to not be rotated as expected
    • Fix a bug that caused featured image to be removed from posts when preview filter was applied
    • Fix a bug that prevented the “New Post” item from being enabled in the main window contextual menu
    • Fix “Copy Published Link” from the main window when a post is selected but post list not focused
    • Fix Preview Template auto-downloading for and other MetaWeblog API blogs
    • Fix a crash that could occur when interacting with the Formatting Macro editor window after closing a post editor
    • Fix a bug that could prevent Google OAuth tokens from being redacted in the Network Log
    • Fix a bug that caused “more” tags and other comments to be stripped from posts in some cases
    • Fix a bug where the full temporary path of an image was shown in the user notification
  • Little things
    • Add a “Remove Link” item to the Rich Text contextual menu
    • Don’t warn about editing mode switches if the editor is empty
    • Handle clicks on “mailto” links in the Preview Window for posts that happen to have them


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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