PhpStorm 2018.1.2 – Lightweight and smart PHP IDE.

PhpStorm is a lightweight and smart PHP IDE focused on developer productivity that deeply understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation, and on-the-fly error checking. It is always ready to help you shape your code, run unit-tests, or provide visual debugging.

Intelligent PHP editor

  • PHP code completion
  • Smart duplicated code detector
  • PHP refactoring
  • Smarty and PHPDoc support
  • Language mixing (JS/SQL/XML etc.)

Lightweight IDE

  • Easy installation
  • Runs on Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Easy project configuration — open code from anywhere and start working
  • Key priority — performance

Smart environment

  • Visual PHPUnit test-runner
  • VCS support: SVN, Git, Mercurial, etc
  • PHP UML, UML diff for changes
  • FTP and remote files synchronization
  • Local changes history

Visual debugging

  • Zero-configuration debugger
  • Breakpoints in PHP, JS, HTML
  • Inspect variables, watches
  • Batch code analysis
  • Profiler integration


Version 2018.1.2:

PHP Language:
  • Inline function/method refactoring
  • Refactor your code to functional style
  • Configurable unchecked exceptions
  • Goto Symbol navigation improvements
  • Hierarchy checks for class aliases
  • Creating class from test
  • Codeception: code coverage
  • Better @covers support
  • Gutter icons for running tests
HTTP Client:
  • Assertions support
  • Simplified first start
  • PhpStorm 2018.1 also brings major improvements in its support for web technologies, such as reformat with Prettier, create new Vue project, TypeScript 2.7 support, debugging React Native apps and much more.
  • IntelliJ Platform has provided this release with lots of new features as well as bug-fixes. Specifically, Git partial commits, new Documentation UI, better HiDPI support on multiple displays for Windows, reworked focus subsystem, ability to open Terminal in a specific folder, and even more.
  • Database tools have been improved with Data editor SQL log, external schemas in Redshift and virtual schemas in Exasol, ability to choose how to switch schemas and more.


OS X 10.8 or later.


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