Legacy of the Elder Star 1.206 – A mouse-driven shoot ,em up for the rest of us

Legacy of the Elder Star is a mouse-driven shoot ,em up for the rest of us. You are the Cosmonaut, an eternal cosmic hero who must shatter the robotic Infinite Legion and rekindle a dying star!


Using a one-handed, mouse-driven control scheme, you,ll dodge and strike with 1:1 precision and unlimited movement speed. Evade intense bullet patterns in the blink of an eye, then dash through entire enemy squads to crush them in a single gesture. Movement is everything in Legacy of the Elder Star, and no other shoot ,em up moves like this.


Legacy of the Elder Star is focused on playing smart offense, not picking your way through overwhelming bullet hell. Enemy patterns change each time you play, keeping you on your toes and avoiding rote sequence repetition; daily challenges are even further randomized.


Extensive accessibility options like a colorblind mode, auto-fire toggle, and adjustable game speed are included for gamers with disabilities, or even just those who want a more laid-back experience.



OS X 10.8 or later

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