Corel Painter 15.1.0 – Digital art software featuring realistic painting effects.

Corel Painter helps you create astonishing art in a variety of media. Paint with vivid oil paints, fluid water colors, and earthy charcoals. Corel Painter flawlessly recreates the tones and textures of each medium.

Your studio awaits
  • Choose your brush. Corel Painter includes hundreds of built-in brushes. You can even create your own brush by fine-tuning bristle type, behavior, and settings.
  • Pick a paper style. Corel Painter lets you tweak your paper texture, effecting the way your brush strokes interact with the grain. More textures, more possibilities.
  • Customize every detail. Tweak the wetness of your paint, or alter the drying time. Corel Painter,s options are as boundless as your artistic imagination.


Version 15.1.0:

  • Rotatable media – Change the angle of paper textures and flow maps.
  • Default-settings restoration – Makes it easier to preserve custom content when you reset the application to its factory settings.
  • Dynamic Speckles – Combines Particle System physics and brush-thickness control linked to your touch, allowing you to create luscious Natural- Media brushstrokes or progressive-looking Pollock splatters.
  • Audio Expression – Lets you use an audio input device, such as a microphone, or internal audio to modivy the look-and-feel of any brush.
  • Document Views – Makes it easier to switch between document views: from the toolbox, the Window menu, or by keyboard shortcuts.
  • Brush Hints – Context-sensitive brush hints (Help -> Hints) provide useful tips about brush technologies.
  • Adobe Photoshop brush-file import – Now you can import the brush stamps of pixel-based Adobe Photoshop brushes stored in Adobe Brush Resource (ABR) files.
  • Custom content sharing – Simplifies sharing content saved in a custom palette.
  • Welcome Screen – Quickly start or open an image, choose a workspace that suits your needs, access online learning videos, find new brushes and other content online, and get inspired by a gallery of original artwork created with Corel Painter.
  • Special media brushes – Offers additional dab types, which use both Particles and Liquid Ink or Watercolor dabs.
  • Layer blending – Whether you are painting with a single color or blending two or more colors on a layer, the Enhanced Layer Blending option can help you produce brushstrokes without white fringes.


OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor


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